Pure joy

Pure joy

This is what happens when you give one soccer ball to 30 kindergarteners in Tanzania.

One ball causes excitement so thrilling the laughter, smiles and giggles can not be controlled. One ball makes the child in the corner who has been crying, stop immediately and come see what the commotion is about. The words that are screamed are “asante sana” (thank you very much), the gratitude pierced the air and it was infectious. Going to Tanzania as the photographer for globalbike has always been a pleasure and honor for me.

When I joined globalbike last year for my first trip, I expected to see how a bicycle can change the lives of the women and girls that globalbike supports, I expected to capture images of how one bicycle can change a life. What I did not expect was to see how one bicycle or one soccer ball could change me. I live life with purpose now and have solace that by not following the traditional path of adulthood, I have found meaning in my work and life. I see the faces of people I photograph every day and it is a reminder of how much I have and how much I have to be grateful for.


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