Taking Chances


With every medium, be it oil, watercolor, pen, pencil and yes, photography; there are rules the artist is suppose to go by. For instance, I have learned the rule of 3rd, proper light positioning to cause a dramatic effect, and when the best time of day is to take a photo. Rules are good and we should all have them so we can break them every once and a while.

I have been corrected time and time again NOT to shoot into the light, this has been happening for years. First it was from an old boyfriend when I was taking a photo of the sun at the beach
( which by the way, turned out amazing), second was from a photographer who said I was doing it all wrong and the third was with some folks I was traveling with who know nothing of photography.

I happen to love to backlight a subject with the warm glow of the sun radiating off of them causing a, for lack of a better word, fuzzy effect and the type of photo it creates. If I had listened to all of the people who told me I was doing it wrong instead of taking that chance, I would not be as good of a portrait photographer that I am today. Break the boundaries in your photography and life. If it doesn’t kill you, yep, it will only make you stronger.


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