Natural Light: Sunrise Silhouette

There is a time to take a great photo where the light will bathed your photo in magnificent light. This time is called the Golden Hour. This is the period shortly before sunrise and right before sunset. During this time, you can use the light to illuminate your subject to create amazing silhouettes and a dramatic effect.

To create a silhouette, you need to get in the location where you will be photographing your subject at least 20 minutes prior to sunrise. The sun comes up quicker and changes faster than you realize, especially when you are capturing a moment. Once you are still, it’s time to set your camera settings, automatic will not work! On manual, the ISO can stay at 200, shutter speed needs to be dropped to 10, t let more light in, from there, as the sun rises you can increase the shutter speed to decrease the amount of light that is coming into the camera. The subject in the foreground needs to stay darker than the light coming in from the background. To accomplish a silhouette as the sun rises you only have about a 15 minute window.

This is very basic information on how to create a silhouette using natural light. This technique can be perfected over time with practice and taking a lot of photos!


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