The story of a mystery image

Yesterday I received a text from a client. The conversation when like this. Client:”Got a cool photo opportunity for you. I mean really cool.” Me: “Tell me more!”. I proceed to call him and I need to mention he is a real estate agent in town and in our town we have many empty building that are older. He explains to me that he was just in one of his buildings and has to show me something. I don’t recommend anyone going into dark, empty buildings with anyone they don’t know, even if they say they have something cool to show you.

We meet at the building with a flashlight in hand. We climb the first set of stairs, turned a corner and proceed through the second level and  up a third set of stairs, through doorways and walking over creaky floor boards. We enter a room and I look up. There, on a pane of glass is an image. I looked at it for a minute and it looked like painted glass and then I looked closer. I recognized the building, it was the building directly across the street but it was upside down. The room was black and the only light was coming through a small pin hole that shined the light on this image.

Of course I whipped out my camera and this is what I captured.


Honestly, I have never seen anything like this and was dumb founded. How was this image being projected on the glass? We head back down stairs and I decide to drive around to the front of the building to figure out how this is happening. This is the building across the street.


This is the building we were in. We stood behind the paneled wall. See below.


The teeny tiny pinhole in the panel projected the image from the building across the street and projected it on the glass inside of the other building!


I am not going to get into the science of it all so if you would like to learn more about pinhole projections here you go!





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