It doesn’t matter what you wear


I remember going to see a movie with an old boyfriend. He picked me up and I was in a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt. My grandmother asked in her southern way, “Hoooney, aren’t you gonna put on some other clothes and some lipstick?” My response was a quick. “NO”. Then she turned on my then boyfriend and asked him, “Aren’t you gonna be embarrassed by the way she is dress?” His response was more polite than mine, he said, “No, she looks fine to me.”

I have never been a fashionista; don’t get me wrong, I will wear a little black dress with the best of them but I would prefer flats and a long cotton dress or jeans any day of the week. While traveling as a photographer, I have learned, it doesn’t matter what you wear. In Scotland, I got funny looks because I had on jeans, cowboy boots and a pink NorthFace Jacket. In Tanzania, skirts and t-shirts were the preference.

As I look around, while taking in the landscape, people and activity. I realize it just doesn’t matter. Look at the photo above, these children were so ecstatic to have their picture made. None of them matched, none of them ran to the restroom to check their face, they just smiled and giggled at me. When I showed them their photo, the screamed with excitement. The little girl second to the left had on a gold evening gown that was two sizes to big. The rest of this kids had holes in their shirts but they were not worried about that.

I learned a lot from these children. Life is about fleeting moments and being comfortable with yourself is key to being a great photographer.  




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