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A journey of discovery: It’s about the journey not the destination

world-political-map-2000pxDiscovery can mean so many things, we discover ourselves as we evolve from childhood to adulthood, when we change a career path or make certain choices about the way we want to live, there is a journey of discovery in every aspect of our lives and I for one can’t wait to discovery more about myself and the world I live on and in.

The past few years I have discovered so much about who I am and who I want to be. For instance, my career did not begin with photography, it actually began in sales. I can’t tell you have much I loath sales and the entire sales process but I digress. Photography was something that I never thought I could do full time but have been one of the few fortunate ones to do so. Being a full time photographer like everything else has evolved over the years.

Like most,  I started off photographing families/weddings/events but now, not so much; because that is not what made me happy. Now I focus my work on portraits, travel and commercial photography. BUT (there is always a but) If someone ask me to photograph their wedding in an exotic location, I am all over it but other than that, it’s just not my bag.

For the next few weeks I will be telling you about my up coming travels to Ireland, England and Prague. A journey that, like others I have taken, will hopefully open up doors to other opportunities and show me something about myself that I have not discovered yet. Hopefully this blog will help you discover something about yourself.

It all begins here: making memories, adventure, solo travel. Follow along over the next few weeks and join me on this journey.




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