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Life is about sacrifices. What will you give up to have to have something else?

He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little. He who would sacrifice much must sacrifice much. -James Allen

When telling others about my past and present trips abroad, I receive mixed reactions, most of them positive but some , not so much. Some say,  I wish I could afford to do something like that and it must be nice to have money (by the way…I am a full time photographer if that tells you anything)

What I take away from the comments, is people think that I make a TON of money as a photographer and have ALL the time in the world. As much as I wish this were true; I am a middle class, single female working 50-70 hours a week to make my own way, so I can do the things that I want to do. It’s called hustling or the everyday grind.

Simply put, I can spend $200 on a weekend getaway or $150 on a new TV plus $70 a month on cable ( I don’t own a TV) or I can take that money, set it aside and pay for a weeks worth of accommodations in Prague via Airbnb, which I actually did ( 4 days = $140 in the city center. Oh and I am staying in a castle in Ireland because of sacrifice).

Here is another recent example, I worked 40 hours at my product photography job on Monday – Friday.  On Friday after 8 hours of work, went home, changed into my best little black dress and high heels (made by the devil himself), and worked another 3 hours at an event, where I was the photographer. I could have not taken the job, gone out on the town or stayed in to watch Netflix, but the money that I made that night will pay for a flight or several meals once I am in Europe. That cute skirt in the window that is $75, that $75 will go far in Ireland. My point, if you want to travel the world or your country, be prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to live your dream. ( photo the event I worked)J13A7989

When I am older, I do not want to look back on my life and have the thought of ‘What if…’ or I ‘Should have…’ . This year is all about true sacrifices and what I will give up for the things I want in my life: I want to travel, I want to meet the world and I want to do and see it all. Now is a good of a time as any!


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