The need for sleep and a working GPS

After leaving Glendalough I made my way to find a place to stay for the night. With map in hand, because the GPS stopped working, I headed towards Wicklow. The streets narrowed with loose gravel kicking at the tires, the car hugged the left side of the road as other vehicles approached because I was terrified that I was about to be sides swiped. I followed the signs to Wicklow.

Sleep was coming on fast and I new that I needed to stop, Wicklow was the closest town to where I was, so I drove. Arriving 20 minutes later in Wicklow I soon under estimated how large Wicklow actually is. Still unsure of where I am going , I ended up on the main road of town and there were people and cars everywhere. This was not the same town Google images showed me. Googled showed one, maybe two, cars parked on the side of the road, with shops as empty as a Main Street in the South on a Sunday morning.

Sleep deprivation  and frustrations overwhelmed me, I continued straight through Wicklow hoping that I would happen upon a BNB soon. Once through the city, I was alone again on the winding roads. To my surprise, the country opened up to the ocean. The water was turquoise and calm. Pulling over to look at the map, I took in the salty air and landscape but still a little shaken from the drive through Wicklow. It seemed that I was in Brittas Bay which is not a very populated area but lovely none the less.

Once my whits were about me again, I continued on, the GPS finally started working again. On one of the million roundabouts/ traffic circles that was encountered on this trip, there was a sign for ‘Moneyland Farm Bed and Breakfast’.I thought to myself, “Hell, why not”. Down several dirt roads, one lanes roads and a few bridges made of stone you come to the Moneyland Farmer.

Looking through the window on Moneyland bnb as I contemplate life. 

Stressed, tired and on the verge of tears, I rang the doorbell. The sweetest lady answered and I asked if they had a room. She asked me to wait inside, 10 minutes later she comes out and says she has one room left. With more enthusiasm that was really necessary, I told her I would take it.

My amazing, comfortable and affordable room. 

Once I was settled in, she asked if I would like some tea and biscuits, of course I would like some tea and biscuits. In the glassed in porch I sat alone wondering how in the world I have survived the last 48 hours. After I ate, I went up stairs and fell asleep for the next few hours.

“Tea and Biscuits?” Yes, please…the owner said I would fit in well in Ireland because of what I liked to eat. 🙂  

Side note: Moneland Farm is an  amazing place to stay if you are traveling in the Wicklow/ Arklow area. The owner’s could not be any nicer and sweet, the cost was 70 euro which I thought was pretty resonable, hell I would have paid 100 euro at that point! Here is their website check them out


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