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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list”

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list” -Susan Sontag

From the start of this journey I tried to keep an open mind, to stay positive and to take what was given to me. The route was loosely planned so some of my destinations I just happened upon like Connemara National Park.

Leaving Galway and heading north west, stopping at Kylemore Abbey (see previous post) and continuing on my way, the landscape changing every few miles. I was in awe of the rocks, lakes and sheep. Yes, the sheep, they are everywhere. When I arrived at Connemara National Park, uncertainty of what the day would hold was at it’s peak. With no expectations or set plan, I donned my hiking shoes, fleece pullover and hat.J13A9242-2

Stopping off at the visitors center I learned of the neolithic inhabitants of the area some 4,000 years ago, why the ecological system is so unique and about the wildlife. Leaving the visitors center I began the trek up. There were a few people at first passing me, stopping to take photos but soon this faded. I found myself secluded, on top of a mountain in Ireland surrounded by  7000 acres of mountains, bogs, heaths and grasslands, and wildlife.J13A9226

The weather was damp with a mist in the air; fog hovered over the top of the Upper Diamond Hill Loop, my then, eventual goal. Weather can be strange and without taking any more chances, I decided to stick to the Lower Diamond Hill Walk.

Image credit: Connemara National Park Service (see below link)

As I was hiking I turned around a few time to only have the breath taken out of me, even with the not so great weather the scenery was well worth the hike. Connemara is a gem and shouldn’t be missed while in Ireland.J13A9239-2

The day was growing old so I made my descent down the mountain and back to the car. It was now time to get to my bed and breakfast for the evening on the other side of Galway. This was the only reservation served the delayed flight into Ireland and one of the coolest places I have ever stayed and was a queen for a day.


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