The adventure continues

Alone but feeling gross from the days adventures, I changed my clothing, pulled my hair back and decided to do a bit of exploring. The room is at the very top of the castle but when you continue up the stairs there is another door; this one is not has large and grand as all the rest but rectangular and short. Upon opening it, I felt the cool mist of the Irish air hit me. This door led to the roof of the castle.FullSizeRender

Being a bit of a busy body, I made my way to the look out. I could see for miles over the green landscape, doted with cows and sheep. It would be dark so and I wanted to get photos of the castle before the sun set. Leaving my personal perch I retrieved my camera. Once outside I was greeted by two dogs, one could have cared less about me but the other became my friend and tried to herd me which was incredibly funny. If I tried to move left he would block me, if I stepped backward he would nudge me from behind and when I went to the car to get my phone, he wanted to go for a ride. Seeing that I wouldn’t be herded or taking him for a ride, he got bored and left me alone.Image-1 (1)

Peter was outside so we began to walk and talk. He showed me through his garden, told me about the local fauna and flora, we chatted about his kids and more about the history of the castle then things got real.

Peter pulls out the bow and arrow…after a few tries I got the hang of it so we decided to video the experience and with the iPhone 6 we captured it all in slow motion. This was one of the funnest activities I have done in a while. After a few laughs we returned to the castle. Peter joined me in the living room where we talked for a while longer. Having conversations with him was much needed, traveling alone can take it’s toll, especially for an extrovert like myself.Image (3)

The sun was setting now and I grew hungry. The kitchen was open to what ever I wanted so I made breakfast for dinner; eggs and bacon with fruit. After eating I need to clean up. Being a 500 year old castle some updates had to be made such as adding a bathroom and tub. The tub was not located in the bathroom but in the floor in the living room. By opening a “trap” door in the floor you now have access to a bathtub that could fit two people and all of the hot water you could ask for. I sat and soaked for a long while, this made me extremely tired. Off to bed I went, up the stone winding staircase to my room fit for a queen. Exhaustion quickly took me and I was asleep in no time.


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