On the road again…

The castle could have been crumbling around me but I would not have stirred. The night in the castle was probably the best sleep I had in days. Waking earlier than expected, I walked down the cold stone stair case to the living room, where I made tea and breakfast. Peter joined me a about an hour later to light the fire.

After a while, I decided it was time to get dress. This day was unlike any other I’d had on the journey. I took my time with everything I did. There was not rushing about, or a need to get on the road at first light. Once, I was dressed, I headed outside to walk the grounds one last time. Peter and Eva greeted me and invited me into the room in which they lived. We talked about the United States, political unrest and religion. Peter asked where I was headed to next and I said the Cliffs of Moher.

He drew out a map for me that would take me directly to the cliffs by way of the Wild Atlantic Way. The map was easy to follow and not once did I get lost; there is something to be said for using a map instead of a GPS.Image

My stay with Peter and Eva that day was longer than expected, if they were not booked for that night, I would have stayed. Saying goodbye to them was like saying goodbye to old friends; even though we only knew one another for 24 hours.

On the road, once again, I take my time to the Cliffs of Moher. Stopping periodically to check out a random castles on the side of the road, and finding myself all alone on the coastal road; I would put the car in park and sit. Reflecting on the past week and wondering what the new days would look like. At this point in the trip, I was now comfortable enough driving that it became second nature to me and enjoyable. I even got irritated at the newly arrived tourist in the area who were not going the speed limit.IMG_3630

This drive was amazing and I wish I could have seen more. The landscape changed every few km; from rolling green pastures and  bald rock faces, to cliffs that jutted out into the Atlantic. This part of Ireland is breath taking and should be a top priority when traveling to Ireland.

After days of rain, mist, and clouds the sun finally came out, as I entered the parking lot of the Cliffs of Moher.



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