A path less traveled.

Traveling is all about flexibility and adjusting to your surroundings and nothing is always as it seems. The Cliffs of Moher are no exception. The cliffs are a national treasure to Ireland and are treated as such with a visitors center, shops and restaurants as you enter the park and there are so many people. Once private land, the owner wanted to memorialize the cliffs to the sailors who lost their lives to the crashing waves and the dramatic rock face. IMG_3616

I was surprised with the amount of tourist there were, hundreds if not thousands; this was not the same scene I saw in google images or on websites. I pressed on, there are two main paths, one to the right and one to the left. The path on the left looked a bit less crowed so I headed that way. The path is paved for a few hundred yards then it turns to sand with the occasional mud puddle. You will be taking photos with others of the same scene, there will be children running about (which I don’t recommend) and the village idiot standing as close to the edge as possible to get a photo (I don’t recommend this either)

Time was not a factor this day so I just kept walking. Not far into the park there is a sign telling the visitors that this was the end of the park of the Cliffs of Moher and to go any further you are taking it at your own risk. I had to get away from the people so I took the path. Soon, I found myself alone, walking a trail that has been cut by others. This unprotected path is part of a greater trail system which I wish I had know about, it will take you to Doolin and possibly beyond. ( ) 13502048_10209986745532355_2516269667256042546_n

After about an hour of walking the end was insight but also was a storm in the distance. Not wanting to be caught in a storm, alone, I headed back to the park. I arrived just in time as the sky opened up and rain began to pour. This did not last long though, as I was putting on flip flops and drying off, I looked in the rear view mirror to see an amazing rainbow. IMG_3619

This was my last full day in Ireland for a while so I took my time, drove through the country side of Clare and arrived in Ennis too late to really do anything besides capture a street after a storm, grab dinner and a pint and get proposed to, twice. 13010753_10209483533432367_265195507934852413_n




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