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Prequel to Prague: A trusting soul

Before my Prague adventure began, I need to give you a bit of a back story. I can’t quit remember why I decided to go to Prague; it could have been because of a photo I saw on Instagram or simply because the cost to visit is so inexpensive. What ever made me decide to go to this fair city, I am sure glad I decided to take my adventure there.

A week before my trip, I  am following most if not ALL, of the Instagram accounts for Ireland, England, and Prague. I am buying maps, trying to learn the public transport systems and soaking up any knowledge about where I am going for the journey. Laying in bed one morning, pretty early, I come across this Instagram account; Vovanovaque: Your best friend in Prague.

Intrigued, I click and scroll. His photos are bright and beautiful with lovely images of people in Prague (oh and he isn’t bad to look at either). Even more curious, I read the descriptions of the photos, which I rarely do. When in Prague you can hire this guy to be your tour guide and personal photographer for the morning; you start early enough that you miss the crowds and practically have Prague to yourself. Along the way, he will photograph you in your own personal photography session and tell of you the history that began so long ago; it’s an intimate time so one can not be shy or distrustful.

It’s a brilliant business model and I wish I lived in a tourist area where I can do this, anyway, I digress. The sun is not up yet, that’s how early it is, I message Vovanovaque to ask about pricing. He returns my email in no time at all, with in 30 minutes. A bit disappointed, the services are not in my budget; already having my entire time in Europe planned and paid for.  Explaining this to him, he says he will work with me and also ask if I need a ride from the airport to my apartment in Prague. At the time, I did not, I was going to be a badass and get there myself, or that is what I thought.

The day before I leave England, I get an email from Vladimir, the owner of Vovnovaque. He ask if I am still interested in the tour and I of course say, “yes”.  After a week of driving in Ireland and getting lost every day, my badassery had subsided and I asked if I could get a ride from the airport. Vladimir sets this up for me;  Continuing to follow this guy on Instagram, and hoping he is not some sort of con-artist or serial killer, I am scheduled to meet him bright and early at 7 am the following day.  My fingers are crossed that I get picked up from the airport. (side note: while writing this, I just realized how much trust I put into a complete stranger)

You can visit Vovanovaque: Vovanovaque (Instagram), and

  • I am writing this on my on accord and have not been paid or otherwise influenced for the reviews or thoughts.



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