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The Prague Metro: A guide

Did you read the last blog? If so, you would know the stress I went through with getting a ticket for the metro in Prague. I thought I would make a guide for when you travel to Prague. It’s silly simple to get around, once you know how to get around!

Step 1: Purchasing a ticket.

  • This ticket is good for the buses and train
  • There are a lot of buttons on the ticket machine but you only need to know 3 buttons.
  • There is a ticket for 30 min, 90 mins and 24 hours. If you plan on staying in Prague for more than 2 days go with the 24 hour ticket. This will cost you 110 kc. That is a little over $4.
  • The 30, 90 and 24 hour buttons are the top 3 on the left hand side
You only need the top 3 buttons on the left. 

Step 2: Validating your ticket

  • You must validate your ticket before getting on the metro. Your ticket may or may not be checked by security. I was stopped once.

Step 3: Making your way to your train

  • Head down the escalator and just follow the signs. IMG_4578

Step 4: Which train to take?!

  • When you reach your platform, look at the sign above to see where your stop is.
  • There will be a train on the right and left.
  • There are 3 lines A, B, C…these will intersect and act as transfer stations. map-metro3metro-sign-explained

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