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A life changing decision

mthailanI still have one or two more post about my trip to Europe; which now seems like ages ago. It’s been 6 months since I have been home, between then and now, I have traveled to Seattle to visit my sister, visited Boston with friends, and made a life changing decision.

In the last 6 months I decided that I wanted to travel more, get paid doing it, and take my photography abroad. My question to myself was, how do I do this? A simple Google search of words like: travel, paid, money, living abroad, and working brought me to sites for Teaching English as a Foreign Language aka TEFL. For some reason, I have never heard of this but it seems everyone has done it or knows someone who has done it. I began to research TEFL and how to attain the certificate and what type of job opportunities are available.

This research lasted about a month, I talked to companies, emailed back and forth, and google searched everything. After about 4 weeks I decided to pull the plug, I went with a 120 hour online certification through Then, after 6 weeks, I finished the course with flying colors. Once I received my certificate I started to apply for jobs.

In one day, I applied for 5 positions all over Southeast Asia and a few in Europe. In no time, within 24 hours, I had heard from all of them. A few interviews later, I accepted a position in  Thailand. The job market for a TEFL teacher is pulsing so if you are looking for a change here is your chance.

I have mailed my visa application, signed on all the doted lines, got my shots, and bought a one way plane ticket to Bangkok, Thailand; where I will be picked up by my employer and driven to Kabin buri, Prachin buri,  Thailand in just 5 short weeks. Here I will live, work and explore for the next several months.

Here’s to the next adventure!


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