My top apps for solo travel

img_6033APPS! Apps have become such an essential part of our lives and this his not lost on traveling. I want to tell you the top  apps I can’t live without while traveling solo!

  1. Uber
  2. Google Maps
  3. Google Translate 
  4. WhatsApp

When traveling make sure you purchase a SIM card in the country you are traveling, most can be purchased at the airport of your destination. The minutes don’t really matter as you will not be calling anyone but the data package does matter.

As you know, Apps run off data so you will need a significant package such as 6GB. Most hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and other places to stay will offer free wifi. When you are walking around, on public transportation, or with out wifi you will need your data.

Let me tell you about the 4 apps I can’t live with out. Number 1 is Uber. Public transportation is a cheap way to travel but is not for everyone. Crowds can be overwhelming and sometimes there are time constraints and life doesn’t always follow a train or bus schedule . Also, taking a taxi can be daunting, especially if you are in a place where they do not  speak your language.

While in Bangkok a few weeks ago, I was staying in a place nowhere near the BTS, I had already been taken advantage of by the taxi, and spent an hour haggling with a Tuk Tuk driver. I was just done…so I downloaded Uber. For the next 3 days I took Uber’s all over Bangkok. One trip which took 45 minutes because of traffic only cost me $3. If I would have  taken a taxi, I would have been sitting in traffic watching the meter tick by and it would have cost triple the price.

The second App is Google Maps. Again in countries where you speak another language google maps will be your best friend. While on a bus or taxi you can make sure you are going the correct way and while walking 90% of the time will take you the quickest route. I walk a lot so this app shows tourist location, places to eat, and public areas.

Three, Google Translate! In general this is just great to have on your phone in everyday situations. Saying thank you, asking a question such as “how much is this”, or asking for directions. I did get lost and because of google translate I was able to get back to my town.

Number 4 is WhatsApp. This app allows you to make a call, text, video, and send photos for FREE while on wifi. You are able to stay connected with friends and family all in one app. I literally just got off of a call with my sister who is 15 hours behind me, the call is free and we video chat often!

I hope these little tips help you! There are so many more to look into such as your airlines app, airbnb, and







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