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Rome for FREE!

Just like every major capital city in the world Rome isn’t known for being  a cheap place to visit. Once you have paid for your hotel, the stupid expensive taxi rides, the over priced city center food and 6 Euro Coffee, there are serval places to visit which are FREE! That’s right FREE.

Travel Tip: Leave the city center and everything will costless with better food and prices! Example: near where I was staying a croissant and coffee was 2 Euro, in the city it was 12 Euro

  • Pantheon: Built between 118-128 AD this iconic building is a must see. Get there early to avoid the crowds. History note: the doors where once part of the senate building in the Roman Forum. IMG_8335
  • Trevi Fountain: The fountain of fountains. This massive sculpture is beautiful gleaming white with crystal clear water. You will enjoy it with a few hundred of your fellow travelers but don’t let this deter you. IMG_8281
  • Altare della Patria: You can not miss this monument! It towers over the city like a beacon. As you enter the gates, walk up the marble stair case to see the amazing view of Rome. If you go inside and walk up you can get the elevator to the very top. Unfortunately, because of a broken foot towards the end of my trip I was unable to do this. Check it out for me please.
  • Piazza Navona: Get there early to avoid crowds and capture this piazza with no one in your photos. The three fountains are unique in their own way but come together to show the baroque style beautifully. IMG_8327IMG_8307
  • Circus Maximus: In it’s hay day this is where games were held, the football stadium of the past. You can walk from end to end and just imagine the chariots round the corners at race car speed. 18450062_10213148103444327_119340072_n
  • Roman Forum (perimeter): Seeing the Roman Forum without a guide is hard. There are ruins everywhere with little signage. The good news is, without paying the admission fee and guide fee, you can walk the perimeter and look down on the greatest meeting place in history. Tip: If you do decide to pay the entrance fee gets you in both the Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill 2 day pass is 12 Euro. 18515958_10213148098684208_352258245_n
  • Appian Way: A 30 minute bus ride from the city center is this fabulous road. (Bus 118) What the Romans call, Via Appia Antica , is the oldest road in the world. Once stretching across Italy to the Adriatic Sea to the ports where the Romans would sail to Egypt this road is still intact and used everyday for recreation by the people of Rome. You can find runners, cyclist, people on horseback, and folks out for a leisurely stroll. The road is lined with the tombs of citizens past, ancient ruins, and statutes well preserved. IMG_8257
  • Spanish Steps: Grab a gelato and join your fellow travelers on the iconic steps. This place is great for relaxing, taking a tour break, and people watching! IMG_8291
  • ALL the Piazzas: There are piazzas everywhere. Most have fountains, park benches, statues, monuments, and markets. The living space in Rome has always been tight  since the beginning of Rome people here have been coming to the Piazzas to mingle, see their friends, and shop. This tradition holds true today. Come out around 5:00 and join in on this tradition.

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