50 things I learned while traveling for 1 year.


  1. Even if you don’t speak the same language everyone is the same.
  2. You don’t need much to live and be happy.
  3. Being alone for an extended amount of time is good for the soul.
  4. Pack what you need and no more.
  5. People are nicer than you think.
  6. Sunglasses will be your BFF in Southeast Asia.
  7. Europe is expensive.
  8. Wine in Italy is amazing, of course. But even the 2 Euro wine is amazing.
  9. Wine in Germany is also top notch.
  10. Drinking and eating pizza on trains is fun.
  11. Cambodia takes USD, the ATMs will give you USD.
  12. Traveling with others isn’t easy, but it can also be so much fun.
  13. You can find an Irish pub in every single country in the world, seriously.
  14. Uber in Bangkok is cheap and better than getting a taxi.
  15. There are prejudice to skin color, religion, and ethnicity is everywhere in the world.
  16. Where the is will there is a way.
  17. Netflix is in every country but each country have different show licenses. You won’t get the same shows as home.
  18. Groupon is a major money savor in expensive cities.
  19. PDA on public transport happens more than I would like to witness. Blah.
  20. Never run for an underground train. Another will be along in 30 seconds; you look stupid running.
  21. Public transport in Thailand is the scariest thing you will ever do in your entire life. ie buses, vans, mopeds, and tuk-tuk
  22. Screen windows don’t exist in Europe.
  23. The sound foxes make when mating sound like a women is being murdered
  24. You will gain weight and loose weight. It doesn’t matter. Eat the pasta, have dessert, and drink the wine.
  25. Take photos for yourself, not social media.
  26. Germany’s bus system is amazing.
  27. Croatia is the most underrated country I have every been to.
  28. The world thinks America is joke right now. I don’t blame them.
  29. Air travel is cheap in Europe.
  30. Train travel is expensive in Europe.
  31. You will meet the coolest people in Independent Hostels.
  32. Avoid chain and massive hostels.
  33. Friends will stop talking to you as you are traveling. Even though you try to keep in touch.
  34. Places in Germany rarely take credit cards and the fees in the ATM are high. Bring cash!
  35. Know Primark in the UK.
  36. Hostels aren’t just for youths anymore. You will meet the most amazing people in them from all ages and all walks of life.
  37. Get used to getting lost because it will happens more often than not.
  38. Essentials: water bottle, raincoat, comfy shoes, sling bag for hand free mobility
  39. If you break your foot in Rome it will cost you 150 Euro for the ER visit, x-ray, and cast but they don’t provide crutches. Go to a pharmacy to rent or purchase.
  40. Cheap airlines in Europe: 2jet, Ryanair, easyjet, Vueling.
  41. Petsitting will save you thousands of dollars in accommodations.
  42. Patients is key to travel. Go with the flow.
  43. You can make a living teaching English abroad.
  44. Save money for phone data by purchasing a local SIM card in country.
  45. Space out the amount of castles you visit. You will get castle overload.
  46. Don’t get attached to “things”.
  47. Traveling a long time? Canvas suitcases will not last.
  48. Trastevere, Rome is who spending a day in.
  49. Go on multiple food tours.
  50. Never stop learning, exploring, and discovering yourself and the world.

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