We’ve moved….

As my travel is coming to an end, for now, I have decided to streamline where all of my information goes. The blog has moved to  Check us out there for information about solo travel, women who travel, and pretty much all things travel! Thanks so much for joining in on the journey. Liz… Continue reading We’ve moved….


50 things I learned while traveling for 1 year.

  Even if you don’t speak the same language everyone is the same. You don’t need much to live and be happy. Being alone for an extended amount of time is good for the soul. Pack what you need and no more. People are nicer than you think. Sunglasses will be your BFF in Southeast… Continue reading 50 things I learned while traveling for 1 year.

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I <3 Cambodia

I prepared myself for the heat which I was told the night before; by the bartender in Thailand, "very very very very hot, you get cancer", saying this as he rubs his arm. Living in Thailand for 5 months got me use to the humidity and heat. My mind was prepared and I tried to… Continue reading I ❤ Cambodia

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Specialized itinerary services by Wander Woman

Dear Fellow Adventurer, We are so excited to announce Wander Woman's new adventure! We will be now be providing you with the ultimate travel itineraries. Just answer a few questions so we can get started on your next travel destination! Just copy and past the link into your browser. Sincerely, Liz Richardson Founder of… Continue reading Specialized itinerary services by Wander Woman

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Throughout Thailand you will find brochures and pamphlets pushing tourist to go elephant trekking and elephant riding. I will not beat around the bush...THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING YOU CAN DO AS A TOURIST!  Why?  They TORTURE the elephants to make them want to carry you. (If reason ONE wasn't enough) Elephants are strong… Continue reading NEVER RIDE AN ELEPHANT